Notes of Guidance and School Fees
These notes are intended to clarify the fees and methods of payment for the school year. Parents are advised to contact the Accounts Office at should there be any queries regarding this topic.

1. Tuition fees

Tuition fees are traditionally paid termly, in July, December and March of each year, within thirty days of the invoice date. This payment can be made directly to the Accounts Office, in person, by bank transfer or by direct debit.

Parents may request an annual invoice, which must be settled in July of the previous academic year, upon which a discount of 1% will be granted.

Parents may also choose to pay monthly, incurring on ten monthly instalments from July to April.  Please note that this option is only available if payment is made by direct debit. Please contact the Accounts Office in order to obtain a direct debit payment authorisation form. 

Parents who wish to pay more than one year’s fees in advance are kindly asked to contact the Head of Finance and Business Operations, António Vilhena, to discuss the options available.

Payments not received within terms of the invoice are subject to an administrative charge of 4% of the outstanding payments, which in no case shall exceed 150€. Interest on late payments is applicable according to Portuguese law.

In case payments are more than 5 weeks overdue, the school will hire professional collection services at a cost to the parents.

Invoices are sent by email.  Parents are asked to inform the school of any changes or corrections to their invoice or contact details. 

Parents are kindly requested to keep all receipts issued by the school, for tax return purposes.

Should parents decide not to re-enrol their child at St. Julian’s School, please note that a term's notice must be given in writing to the Headmaster; otherwise, parents will be charged for a term’s fees. For this purpose, parents are asked to complete the re-enrolment form, in order to guarantee a place for their child for the following school year.

A discount of 15% on fees is made for the third child enrolled at St. Julian’s and a 25% discount is given to each subsequent child.

Fees cover most school trips arranged as part of the curriculum, but not international travel or optional activities that are charged separately.

2. Additional Resources

St. Julian’s may charge additional fees to cover for additional resources such as English as an Additional Language (EAL) or specific Special Educational Needs (SEN).

 3. School Lunches

Lunches are ordered for the full term.  Should absence through illness last for at least five consecutive days a refund will take place.  Changes for subsequent terms need to be notified by the end of November and February, respectively. Daily tickets are also available. 

4. Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance is included in tuition fees. The coverage runs from September to June. Please refer to Personal Accident Insurance procedures for details.

5. Examinations 

Internal and External Examinations take place in Years 6, 9, 10, 11 (I)GCSE, 12 and 13 (IBDP).

Examination costs are usually included in the 2nd or 3rd term invoices.

Re-marking of exams will be charged separately and must be paid in advance. Should the re-marking benefit the student, this cost will be refunded.

6. Preparation Year 

The preparation year is open to students who did not follow the English National Curriculum and wish to enrol in IB Programme. The fee for this year is the same as for Year 11. 

 7. International Baccalaureate Fees

Two Year IB Programme

The IB Programme involves a teaching commitment of five terms. The sixth term is entirely dedicated to examinations. A fee for the entire Two Year IB Programme (Years 12 and 13) is set at the start of each academic year, to enable parents to be clear as to their total commitment to enrolling their child at the school to complete this programme over the course of two years. As a logical payment schedule, the IB tuition fee is payable in five terms, three in Year 12 and two in Year 13, as outlined in the fee schedule.

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